Weave Options

Tibetan Weave

Tibetan rugs are all hand knotted. They are made using Tibetan wool.  This wool is considered the finest in the world, due to the high altitude of the Himalayas, where the sheep are raised.  It has a very high lanolin content, making them naturally resisted to dirt and stains.  Most are woven in Katmandu, Nepal, by skilled craftsman, using age old techniques. 

Tibetan rugs are available in four knot qualities.

60 Knot Uses a thick yarn fiber. These rugs are very thick and plush.  These are best suited for designs that are not too detailed. They work best in bedrooms and family rooms.

Super 60-Uses a thicker yarn fiber than the 60 knot. These rugs are very thick. Your toes sink right in.  Best for designs without fine details. Best used in bedrooms and family rooms.

80 Knot-Uses a finer yarn fiber. More detailed rugs will work here. You can also add Silk to these rugs for a rug that catches the light and gives movement to a room.  These are best suited for runners, bedrooms, living rooms.

100 Knot Uses the finest yarn fiber in this style of rug weaving. Very detailed patterns can be achieved.  These rugs have the lowest, densest pile of all of the Tibetan rugs.  Silk is a nice addition to these rugs as well. Can be used in any room. This weave is suggested for dining rooms and entry ways.

Hand Tufted Weave

These rugs are hand tufted instead of hand knotted. This process is much less labor intensive, and therefore are available at a lower cost than the Tibetan Weave rugs.  These rugs are machine backed.  This woven backing holds the hand tufted yarns in place.

These rugs are made in India of fine New Zealand wool.  They are very soft and luxurious to the touch.

They are available with faux silk accents, or 100% faux silk. This faux silk is a polyester fiber that looks and feels like the real thing.

Persian Weave

Woven from the finest of fibers. These rugs carry a very high knot count. The pile is very low.  VERY detailed designs can be achieved using this weave.  Available in wool or silk.

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