Ordering 2

The Process of creating a custom area rug. Continued

2. Submit your design option (from Step 1)

     a) with your choice of colors. 

Please indicate where you would like each color


Explain which of your chosen colors you would like to be dominant and which you          would like the least amount.

     b) Indicate the size and shape of your rug.

     c) Indicate the type of weave you would like. (see the “Weave Options” page)

     d) If you would like to add silk (or faux silk on hand tufted rugs), please indicate which parts of the design you would like to be silk.

We have supplied standard order forms to help you with the ordering process. We are available by phone to help, as well.

3. We will take the information provided by you and create create a computer generated rendering of your design for approval. We provide two renderings at no charge. 

4. Upon approval of your rendering, we will order your strike off. This is a small woven section of your rug as you have designed it. These are usually about 12” x 12”.The strike offs are no charge, but the Fed Ex shipping cost is $150. This step is not optional without a signed “Waiver of Strike Off” form.

5. Upon approval of your strike off, your rug will be put into production. This requires a 50% non-refundable deposit.

6. Your beautiful custom area rug arrives into the US and is shipped to you FOB Auburn, CA.

We have a slide show available to walk you through the order process. Please click the box to download this slide show.


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