Tibetan Treasures Custom Rugs

Welcome to the beautiful world of Custom Area Rugs!  Here you will discover how to bring to your clients beauty and quality that they would have difficulty finding on their own.  Here, you can create for them area rugs that are unique only to them. One that fits their décor and room perfectly.   Because it was woven specifically for them.  


You have the flexibility of any design, any color, any size (up to 20’x40’), shape, and weave.  We have several weaves to choose from. Please see the “Weave Options” page.


Ordering a custom area rug may sound daunting, but the process is fairly simple.  And, we are here to help you step by step.  Once you have delighted your first client with their own design, you will be eager to do it again and again.

We thank you for choosing Tibetan Treasures as your source for beautiful area rugs.

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